Kia produces vehicles that handle well and last a long time. Of course, how well the owner takes care of a car contributes to its long life. When the summer arrives, think about the value of summer service at Peltier Kia Tyler near Jacksonville, TX. Drivers go on road trips, vacation, and other travel excursions. Make sure your care is ready for any trips.

The Basics: Oil Changes and Fluid Checks

Driving on dirty oil creates problems for the engine. If it is time to change the oil, do so before any summer travel. New oil and a new air filter can keep the engine healthy. And so is making sure the coolant is at the right level. Lindale, TX drivers don't want an overheated engine on the road. If the coolant is due for a change, request that service, too.

Also, make sure the technician checks the wiper blades. You don't want to rely on worn wiper blades if it rains on the road in Tyler.

All-Important Tire Service

The Kia needs the right air pressure in the tires or else fuel economy suffers. Plus, the tires could wear out due to underinflation. And are the tires in good shape? Maybe you need new ones.

Rotating the tires at the beginning of summer could be a good idea. Doing so cuts down on chances for uneven wear. Removing the tires allows a technician to look at the brakes, struts, and more. Perhaps a full brake inspection would be advisable.

Double-Checking the Air Conditioner

When the summer heat reaches high points, you rely on an air conditioner for safety and comfort. Have a technician check the A/C for problems. This way, you avoid an uncomfortable surprise.

Inspections and Road Tests

Requesting a multipoint inspection and a road test lets you know if anything is wrong with the vehicle. Not every problem is obvious, and tests and inspections can reveal them.

Bring In Your Kia for Service

Get a jump on routine Kia summer maintenance service at Peltier Kia Tyler near Whitehouse, TX. Call us now for an appointment, and feel free to inquire about any specials.

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