At Peltier Kia Tyler, we also try to take an honest look at the vehicles on the market to find the ones that best fit our idea of the best option. In each class of vehicle, there are standout options, from pickup trucks to SUVs. It can often be difficult to decipher which vehicle might suit your lifestyle better than another when marketing campaigns do such a good job of selling their products. Today, we wanted to look at two SUV models - the Kia Sportage and the Honda CR-V - that are often compared and give our take on the matter.


The Honda CR-V and Kia Sportage are both well-made vehicles, but one of them outshines the other when it comes to performance and drivability. The Honda CR-V drives decently and offers adequate performance specs. Still, at the end of the day, the responsive steering, intuitive control, and overall feel of the Kia Sportage on the road is definitely our preferred vehicle. While there isn't anything necessarily wrong with the performance of the Honda CR-V, it just doesn't compare to the high standard that the Kia Sportage is setting.


When choosing a vehicle, versatility is a key ask for many people. It's ideal and convenient to have a vehicle that can perform a variety of tasks for you, and the Kia Sportage does just that. Its sturdy suspension and quick acceleration times make it a viable option for roads less-traveled and nefarious weather patterns. On the contrast, the Honda CR-V is only suited to more tame environments - it doesn't perform nearly as well on slippery surfaces, rough terrain, or steep inclines. Being able to go anywhere in your car around Tyler, TX is a great benefit, and the Kia Sportage can offer that and more.

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